Easing the Woes of Stress, Headaches, and Poor Sleep

by Feb 23, 2012

tired woman fall asleep at work

Stress, headaches and insomnia seem to be growing in epidemic numbers. As life gets more hectic, our bodies often react in negative ways. The problems often compound themselves, the less sleep we get, the more stress we feel, leading in turn to more poor sleep. Those that suffer from migraines have it even worse, sometimes spending days in bed trying to get over the agony. Finding innovative ways to address these growing problems can provide, not only relief, but a better life. Using hot tubs and spas for relaxation is one such solution.

tired woman fall asleep at work

Stress – The Root of all Evil

Stress often lies at the root of many health issues. From poor sleep to headaches, sometimes all that is needed is a bit of relaxation. A hot tub is a perfect solution for those in need of a bit of down time and the added benefits of being relaxed. The heat, pulsating jets, and water are all elements that help ease every-day stress. Home and garden spas make it easy to relax by providing the perfect getaway right in the backyard.

Headache, I Name Thee Pain

All headaches are painful, but those who suffer from migraines know a whole different level of pain. Whether you suffer from a simple stress headache or a more serious migraines, hot tubs may provide the relief you need. Remember, many headaches are caused by, or made worse by, stress – easily relieved by a soak in the spa. Relaxing spas also provide headache relief through steam by dilating blood vessels – often associated with a lessening of headache pain.

Sleep – It Isn’t Overrated

Whether you can’t sleep due to stress or suffer from a sleep disorder, poor sleep absolutely impacts your life in a negative way. Getting a full night’s sleep isn’t a recommendation – it’s pretty much a necessity. Spas provide the optimum environment for getting the both the body and mind ready for a good night of sleep.

Spending 20 minutes in the hot water of a hot tub prior to getting into bed will relax tight muscles, help clear the mind, and help the body ease into deep sleep, critical for feeling well rested.

Stress, headaches, and poor sleep may not be the worst health problems faced by Americans, but they are severe, often impacting every aspect of our lives. Using relaxing spas may help ease the symptoms of these growing problems.