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Key Pad Control

Key Pad Control

The iKey Pad Control is built with all the great features you’ve come to love in the a hot tub control panel, but in a smaller package.

It is discreet, compact, and unobtrusively beautiful.

Save space without losing out on functions.

Full Color Control

With a bright, full color display, keypad is loaded with a large amount of memory and a powerful on-board processor.

We have created the seamless graphic interface spa users have been waiting for!

Integrated Audio Control

Easy-to-use audio gets even easier when you combine the Color Series with the system.

Play, pause, control volume, track changes and more, all on one screen.

Listen to music in your spa, stress free.

Water Care Selection

Save time and money with preset water care schedules, giving you options for any situation, from when you’re away from home to using your spa every day, or for when you just want to save energy.

Setting up your own schedule is also a breeze.